Planogram Automation

Planogram Automation

Leverage historical planograms and analytics for smarter mod planning, seamlessly connected with assortment and clustering for comprehensive insights and streamlined relays.

Best In Class Automation

Precision Space Planning

Space Planning transforms extensive shopper research, innovative strategies, and meticulous demand planning into captivating in-store experiences. Our integrated analytics and drawing solution simplifies planogram development and enables your team to swiftly adapt to market changes and improve your competitive position. Partner with our experts and make your next reset a success.

Save Time

Eliminate repetitive tasks through flexible automation. Make category specific adjustments instantly without manual file manipulation. Quickly build new rule sets to reflect your strategy. We have all the actions you want without the overhead.

Share Insights

Detailed analytics underpin reasoning behind every product placement and modular adjustment. Easily surface insights, explain recommendations, and improve collaboration across merchandising and advisor teams.

Sync up

Achieve unparalleled consistency and accuracy with our versioning process. Check In/Out changes and sync everything to the Cloud so your teams can share revisions easily across the room or across the world.

Trusted Copilot

For smaller categories, our copilot feature has all the "easy buttons" for automation and scripting, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge with minimal effort.

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AI-driven forecasting that evolves with market trends, blending human insight and machine precision for unmatched accuracy.

Assortment & Clustering

Dynamic assortment delivers real-time intelligence using space-aware, individualized store strategies and rapid impact analysis to optimize product mix and store segmentation.

A/B Experimentation

Refine your control strategy, or let our solution auto-detect experiments, with higher precision and no PhD required. Iterate and test strategies that cut through noise and amplify signal.

Marketing Measurement

Elevate your next campaign with consistent, unbiased marketing measurement with Lift Bridge: our expert-driven, consultative solution that adapts with you.