A/B Experimentation

A/B Experimentation

Refine your control strategy or let our solution auto-detect experiments with higher precision and no PhD required. Iterate and test strategies that cut through the noise and amplify the signal.

Pushing Boundaries

Experimentation Unleashed

Better than standard A/B testing, our methodology empowers you to execute high precision tests out of the box.  Go beyond comparing statistical outcomes and elevate decision-making with your promotions, merchandising, and supply chain planning.

Autodetect Experiments

Automatically pinpoint and launch experiments, identifying deviations in performance based on historical patterns.

Make the Connection

Quickly visualize results within our integrated reporting suite or connect directly via share - instant access powering limitless potential.

Improve your Method

Go beyond the norm with our Difference in Difference analysis and understand impact of changes to assortment, displays, shipment frequencies, and pricing strategies matched at the lowest level.

Precision meets Practicality

More precision means less time redesigning tests, toggling switches, and wrestling with statistical models. Transform your strategy from reactive to proactive without the manual overhead.

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AI-driven forecasting that evolves with market trends, blending human insight and machine precision for unmatched accuracy.

Assortment & Clustering

Dynamic assortment delivers real-time intelligence using space-aware, individualized store strategies and rapid impact analysis to optimize product mix and store segmentation.

Planogram Automation

Leverage historical planograms and analytics for smarter mod planning, seamlessly connected with assortment and clustering for comprehensive insights and streamlined relays.

Marketing Measurement

Elevate your next campaign with consistent, unbiased marketing measurement with Lift Bridge: our expert-driven, consultative solution that adapts with you.