AI-driven forecasting that evolves with market trends, blending human insight and machine precision for unmatched accuracy.

Predicting the Future

Unified AI Forecasting

Amplify the signal and isolate the noise with our comprehensive forecast model that scales to any data granularity, from item-level details to broader trends, accurately predicting sales, inventory, and identifying opportunities in real time. Boost the results with our Assortment & Clustering solution.

Adaptive AI Model

Using reinforcement learning, this model systematically improves itself by constantly training on new data. It adapts quickly to shifting consumer behaviors and trends, ensuring your forecasts are always accurate and reliable.

Predict and Preserve

This dual capability ensures that your strategic planning is informed by both what was anticipated and what actually occurred, enriching your decision-making process with layers of contextual understanding.

Historical Change Tracking

Maintain a ledger of human adjustments. This functionality offers invaluable insights into areas for improvement and the true accuracy of past forecasts.

Flexible Data Granularity

Analyze data at any granularity, blending forecasts from store/item to brand/week, and provide a unified, comprehensive view across channels and brands.

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Assortment & Clustering

Dynamic assortment delivers real-time intelligence using space-aware, individualized store strategies and rapid impact analysis to optimize product mix and store segmentation.

A/B Experimentation

Refine your control strategy, or let our solution auto-detect experiments, with higher precision and no PhD required. Iterate and test strategies that cut through noise and amplify signal.

Planogram Automation

Leverage historical planograms and analytics for smarter mod planning, seamlessly connected with assortment and clustering for comprehensive insights and streamlined relays.

Marketing Measurement

Elevate your next campaign with consistent, unbiased marketing measurement with Lift Bridge: our expert-driven, consultative solution that adapts with you.