Assortment & Clustering

Assortment & Clustering

Dynamic assortment delivers real-time intelligence using space-aware, individualized store strategies and rapid impact analysis to optimize product mix and store segmentation.

Revolutionizing Assortment Strategy

Space Aware Assortment Modeling

Rapidly evaluate your assortment strategies through automation and instantly visualize the impact of changes before ever touching a psa file. Model stores individually using advanced clustering techniques and track adjustments to understand the full opportunity cost of strategic business rules.

Space Aware

Combine historical movement, current space, location and item attributes with machine learning to produce a space aware assortment recommendation that satisfies strategic business rules.

Assortment Strategy

Rapidly implement assortment strategies through automation and instantly see impact of choices on facings, regionality and innovation.

Opportunity Cost Modeling

Assess the full impact of assortment decisions at the store, item, and facing levels. Quantify opportunity costs, such as the marginal value of increasing a facing beyond recommendation, to influence buyer strategies.

Operational Clustering

Pair with ideal assortment to generate the value and opportunity cost of drawing more or fewer mods driving optimal decisions on product mix and store segmentation.

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AI-driven forecasting that evolves with market trends, blending human insight and machine precision for unmatched accuracy.

A/B Experimentation

Refine your control strategy, or let our solution auto-detect experiments, with higher precision and no PhD required. Iterate and test strategies that cut through noise and amplify signal.

Planogram Automation

Leverage historical planograms and analytics for smarter mod planning, seamlessly connected with assortment and clustering for comprehensive insights and streamlined relays.

Marketing Measurement

Elevate your next campaign with consistent, unbiased marketing measurement with Lift Bridge: our expert-driven, consultative solution that adapts with you.