Marketing Measurement

Marketing Measurement

Elevate your next campaign with consistent, unbiased marketing measurement with Lift Bridge: our expert-driven, consultative solution that adapts with you.

Transformational Insights

Unbiased Marketing Measurement

Elevate your business strategy with our bespoke analytics suite and advisory service for those requiring comprehensive, unbiased support. Crafted for those who demand consistency, our expertise transforms your data into sophisticated and actionable insights. Drive superior ROAS and campaign outcomes for strategic growth across all brand and shopper marketing plans and partners.

Bespoke Analytics

Engineer your growth with analytics tailored to your business landscape, harnessing your sales data to highlight opportunities and amplify results.

Consultative Expertise

Our industry experts work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and objectives, co-creating strategies that are both innovative and practical.

Actionable Insights

Move beyond data collection to strategic action, with insights designed to clarify your path forward and optimize every decision. Formulated to keep your specific category, retailer and budget in mind.

Continuous Growth

Keep your strategies relevant and effective by continually measuring, evaluating, and adjusting your approach with the latest data. Our solution ensures that your business is always positioned for growth.

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AI-driven forecasting that evolves with market trends, blending human insight and machine precision for unmatched accuracy.

Assortment & Clustering

Dynamic assortment delivers real-time intelligence using space-aware, individualized store strategies and rapid impact analysis to optimize product mix and store segmentation.

A/B Experimentation

Refine your control strategy, or let our solution auto-detect experiments, with higher precision and no PhD required. Iterate and test strategies that cut through noise and amplify signal.

Planogram Automation

Leverage historical planograms and analytics for smarter mod planning, seamlessly connected with assortment and clustering for comprehensive insights and streamlined relays.