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Advanced Data Science.
Accelerated Insights.
Made for CPG & Retail.

Harness the power of your data to drive decisive action and create end to end visibility across the enterprise with our AI powered analytics solutions.

Our Mission

Beyond Integration — 

A Leap in Value Creation

Engine is your partner in data science and omni analytics. Go beyond traditional data integration by using a unified fabric that minimizes data movement and maximizes insights. Accelerate your data journey by leveraging data at its most granular level to grow your category, improve your distribution, drive your impressions, and expand your consumption.

Data Science Approach

Engine is meticulously crafted with retail Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) at its core, designing advanced analytics models for demand forecasting, assortment optimization, planogram automation, marketing measurement all tailored specifically to the nuances of the industry.

Enterprise Ready (for CPG)

Break down silos and connect departments across your organization, from sales analysts to executive leaders, Engine provides the same trusted insights for faster and better-aligned decisions, visibility and efficiencies across your enterprise.

Analytical Flexibility

We meet you where you are, integrating any data source or lake into our intelligent platform. Engine adapts as your needs change, making it easy to add new data sources and scale users.

Experts in CPG & Retail

Our team of proven industry experts are made up of the best and brightest from Retail and CPG, equipped to solve your unique business challenges and anticipate your needs.

Modern Cloud Architecture

Engine uses open source technologies and enterprise grade security to support the world’s most visible brands while helping scale partners into larger cloud and data compute environments.

Fanatical Customer Service

Stop relying on blackbox algorithms. Engine provides end-to-end transparency into data sourcing, security, analytics methodology, and more. Together we identify opportunities for growth through data. Keeping your team informed about the inner workings means that they intuitively know what the next steps will be and are always in control.

Accelerate Data Journey

Skip long development cycles by leveraging Engine's library of pre-built algorithms and analytics for retail. Engine accelerates your journey to analytics maturity, transforming data into strategic foresight. We take you from basic reporting to predictive insights, scenario modeling, and optimization through AI.

Driven by Their Growth

Trusted by industry leaders

Industry leaders, ranging from customers, connected partners, to comprehensive technologies and data providers, trust Engine's extensive knowledge and expertise. Together, we accelerate invaluable insights and transform the shopper-centric capabilities that distinguish true category leaders.

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The Engine Advantage

One Platform, Limitless Possibilities

Engine brings your disparate data sources together behind a single pane of glass. Ditch the data silos and start integrating sales with external market data to predict future product demand, reduce out of stocks, and optimize your supply chain.

Unified Insights

Go beyond basic reporting. Fragmented data creates a fragmented view of your business. Engine instantly consolidates all your siloed sources - POS, ERP, CRM, third party - into a single version of truth.

Retail Accelerators

Why start from scratch? Engine combines retail-specific data sets with proven use cases designed by industry veterans. Our expertise accelerates your analytics journey.

Bridging Data Lakes

Engine allows you to expand your data infrastructure by connecting any data source or lake with our intelligent data platform from warehousing to database management so you can innovate.

Agile Innovation

Experiment confidently. Engine empowers your teams to quickly manipulate variables and define hypotheticals for flexible scenario planning. Be ready for anything the future holds.

Don’t Take Just Our Word

Top-tier clients talking about Engine

Discover the real impact of partnering with Engine through the voices of our trusted clients.

“Engine is solving complex problems and generating significant ROI for our categories. They are creating some truly redefining solutions and have become a transformative enabler and trusted partner. Engine is at the forefront of technology & makes us more predictive in the ever evolving demands of the industry.”

Global Food & Beverage Corporation

Director, Category Management

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“The Engine ‘group’ is back at it again creating some truly redefining solutions in the Walmart Marketplace. They listen, and solve.”

Top 10 Consumer Healthcare Company

Senior Vice President, Analytics

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“It's not about ‘saving time’ any more with requests from our customers, using Engine and their group of solutions and consultants we are truly bringing macro category level insights and changes to our largest retailers.”

Fortune 100 Food & Beverage Company

Senior Director, Category

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